Fix 100% disk usage in windows 10 task manager

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If your PC has 100% disk usage over long periods of time, it will affect its functionality.The guide below shows you what khổng lồ vày in such situations.

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Users are complaining that their disk usage stays at 100% after they installed Windows 10. This problem can occur in Windows 10, but it can also show up in older Windows operating systems.

And there are a few workarounds you can try to lớn reduce the disk usage; we’re showing you how in this article.

How khổng lồ fix 100% disk usage in Windows 10?

1. Disable Superfetch service

Go lớn Search, type services.msc and open ServicesClick on Disable, and then OK

Now reboot your computer and see if the disk usage is reduced.

Superfetch và Prefetch are services that could significantly improve the system performance by predicting which applications the user is going lớn open và preemptively loading program data into lớn memory.

But these services could also cause a high disk usage sometimes, và this is why you’ll maybe want to lớn disable them in order khổng lồ solve this problem.

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2. Disable Prefetch

Go to Search, type regedit và open Registry EditorNavigate to the following path:Double click on EnablePrefetch. You can configure EnablePrefetch by entering some of the following values into lớn Value Data box:0 – Disables Prefetcher1 – Enables Prefetch for Applications only2 – Enables Prefetch for Boot files only3 – Enables Prefetch for Boot & Application filesAs the mặc định value is 3, mix it khổng lồ 0Restart the computer

These two services are the most comtháng reasons for high disk usage in Windows but don’t disable them if you don’t face this issue, because they can be good for your system sometimes.

3. Turn off Windows Search

mở cửa Comm& Prompt as ad administratorEnter the following command: net.exe pháo stop Windows searchWait until the process is finished.Launch Task Manager & check if your disk usage is still at 100%.

Many users confirmed that disabling Windows Search fixes this problem. So if this quichồng solution fixes the problems, this means that you identified the culprit.

Now, you need to disable Windows Search permanently. Here’s how you can vày that:

Go lớn Search,  type services.msc, then open ServicesUnder the General tab, go lớn Startup type, mix it to lớn Disabled & hit Apply.

4. Run Disk Check

Launch Comm& Prompt as an administratorWait for your computer to lớn process the commandGo khổng lồ Task Manager and kiểm tra if the problem persists.

This should solve sầu any problem with your disk và fix the high disk usage problem as well.

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5. Run Disk Cleanup

Go to Search, type Disk Cleanup, double click on the first result to lớn launch the toolSelect the disk that you want lớn clean. Your PC will display more information on much space you can free upHit the Clean up system files option to launch the process.
Run a System Scan lớn discover potential errors